Different types of Metals Used in Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

The search for the right engagement ring can be very hectic. This is because there are many different styles and varieties to consider. Asking around for ideas is always a good point to start from. Always do some research to see the available options for diamond settings and engagement rings. The main aim is that you find a good looking diamond ring that is well made and of high quality and is within your budget. Beware of cheap diamond settings that do not do a good job leaving the diamond to be dislodged and popping out of its mounting. It is advisable to buy a quality ring from a well-established jeweler. Learn more about  rose gold plated jewelry,  go here. 

An important aspect of an engagement ring is the color of the metal chosen for the material which is used in the shank. The classic look of engagement rings has been yellow since it is the natural color of gold. Choosing a yellow gold diamond setting will portray the vintage elegance that may fit your desired style properly. Find out for further details on  art deco halo engagement ring right here. 

With new and creative jeweler joining the ring industry, a rhodium plating system has been developed. It coats natural gold with a surface that causes it to look white, thus termed white gold. White gold engagement rings have started becoming more popular as its neutral color can be easily combined with other jewelry. They make the diamonds set in it to look more desirable than the same diamonds in yellow gold. Keep in mind though, that white gold requires ongoing maintenance since the rhodium plating will start wearing off after some years.

Innovations in the jewelry industry have now started the production of gold in additional colors. These include rose and peach, which give designers an even greater palette of options. These shades of gold can be combined in two-tone rings to produce a striking appearance. The rose gold plated silver engagement rings have an elaborate metal design of the setting. The most popular diamond settings nowadays are rings that have been designed with classic elegance in mind. This will leave a long-lasting effect on your partner and offer the best value for your money.

After you have found the right engagement ring for your partner, make sure that the dimensions of the center stone of your setting match perfectly with the fit of your diamond. You should work closely with your jeweler to ensure that all the details are correct for a great experience.